Last week one of our QA Leads, Axel Barfod, attended TestingUy, an event created as a meeting place to share experiences and knowledge for testers interested in software quality in Uruguay.

The two hour workshop, “API Testing Using Chakram” by Walter Lijo, caught our attention the most:

“With the growth of APIs in the software industry, we are forced to perform a lot of tests in less time, which are easy to maintain. Under these premises, I found Chakram to facilitate the work we need to perform.”

Chakram is an API testing framework designed to perform end to end tests on JSON REST endpoints. It’s an easy to use JavaScript framework for Node.js and it exploits JavaScript promises.

The workshop was focused on understanding the framework and guidelines for best practices, in addition to having a hands-on experience with writing tests, using the framework.

Walter gave great insight on how to approach API testing and possible challenges that could arise during testing and how to tackle them.

Thanks Walter and TestingUy organizers for a great workshop! It was very informative, well presented and enjoyable!


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