If you check out our Instagram account, you’ll probably see a post from the past of a dog. If you’re wondering why a tech company would have a dog in their office…well, believe it or not, this dog is actually part of the Oktana team.

Elton is a Labrador Retriever that started coming to the office as a puppy, just a few months ago.

Emiliano Da Rosa, one of our rockstar developers, is helping train him for Fundappas (Foundation for Support and Promotion of Assistance Dog), a pioneer, non-profit organization that brings service dogs closer to people with disabilities, specifically those that have vision issues, physical disabilities and even children on the autistic spectrum.

All guide dogs are trained to assist with the mobility for those that are visually-impaired. Training involves gaining capabilities to properly be a guide, free of obstructed routes, to mark cords and crosses, to make left and right turns, and to find entrances such as stairs, elevators, doors, and exits.

Service dogs start off as puppies, which are given to volunteers like Emiliano. Volunteer trainers are then responsible for the pup’s socialization for a period of 12 to 14 months. During this time, they teach their dog things like exercises and basic obedience. The goal is for the dog to become familiar with different environments and people.

We are not only lucky to have a dog around the office during the day but at the same time, we get the chance to support an amazing organization.

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