When you outsource development, you probably wonder about resources and whether they’re going to work well with your internal team. At Oktana, we consider ourselves to be your development team. We take pride in making sure you get the right help for each project, whether it’s a designer, developer, or a whole group. Many of our clients even choose to continue with the same team for multiple projects. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how resourcing works at Oktana.

Step 1. Gather data

First, we need a clear picture of your company and project. Your account manager works with you to understand skill requirements, project scope, and anything else you feel is essential. For example:

  • Will they work alongside your internal team? 
  • Will they need to integrate with existing systems? 
  • Are there preferred development platforms, frameworks or languages? 
  • Are design or QA automation part of the scope? 

We then work with you to define “completed” for the project. We are an agile company, so this often means setting a minimum viable product. These conversations also help us determine a reasonable start and end date for the project.

Step 2. Select resources

Now that we have an idea of your needs, our resourcing team will build your development team. We want to ensure your organization meets all the technical requirements for the project, but also that they’re a good fit in terms of personality and experience. We want everyone to feel confident in their ability to work together.

Step 3. Review resources

As our resourcing team builds your development team, you have a few options depending on how involved you want to be in the process. You can let us handle the entire process, or it can be far more hands-on. 

If you want to be more hands-on, we’ll work with you to review a set of developer profiles. You can also conduct developer interviews to meet each team member, vetting before you sign-off on your development team.

What’s a developer profile?

Our resourcing team compiles a developer profile for each of our developers, which provides you with a good overview of their skillset, certifications, and experience.

Step 4. Meet your development team

Our teams receive English tutoring and overlap with most of the US workday. Because of this, you are always able to chat or run planning sessions, review specs, and do demos face-to-face by video. This is your development team. 

That said, whether it’s one designer or 20 developers, we want to be sure your development team is the right team for you. If your project needs change, your account manager will work with you and our resourcing team to adjust the scope to meet those needs.

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