We’ve discussed our work bringing Salesforce and Slack together here in the past. Now we’re bringing you a full walkthrough of how we made it happen. Damian Cardozo, the lead developer on this project, is here with a demo to share just how we brought Salesforce and Slack together and what that integration looks like in practice. Damian walks through how the team built a Node.js app on Heroku that connects to the Slack API and Sales Cloud. The app is capable of both reading and writing to Salesforce from Slack.

You can create and update Salesforce tasks without ever leaving Slack. If someone else updates or assigns a task to you in Salesforce you’ll get a notification alongside all your other Slack messages. Take a look and let us know if something like this might be a good fit for your company.

Hope you’ve found this full walkthrough useful and insightful. We are Salesforce platform experts and offer custom development to help you build your platform and solve the right problems. Our team has worked with different organizations and their projects. If you want to know more about our work, go check out our latest success stories.

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