Every academic year, New York University hosts two IT shows displaying the interactive work of its graduate students from the Tisch School of the Arts.

In this year’s spring show held this past week, the Oktana NY team made a trip to see some of the cool inventions and to find out what’s trending in tech at NYU!

Pinocchio VR built by graduate student, DongChan Kim

Above, Marcos and Vanisha interact with a student-built VR experience of Pinocchio trapped in a whale. In order to get out of the whale, Vanisha asks questions to Marcos, who is also connected to a lie detector, where he must answer truthfully or his time in the whale is extended.

Below, Nathan interacts with a student-made product that gives users a flying experience. Using the motion-capture device, Kinect, this VR experience works with Nathan’s arms, letting him control how high/low and fast/slow he flies in his virtual screen.

“Dream of Wings” product built by graduate student, Wangshu Sun