It’s not a secret that governments tend to move slow when it comes to making changes. This especially holds true when it comes to technology where you’re incredibly likely to see legacy systems still in use to this day. Notably, Microsoft was forced to continue supporting older versions of Windows for far longer than they wanted to because of old systems still being used in government offices. Additionally, those government agencies are paying big money for that support. Government offices need to move to newer, more modern, and secure platforms but they also need to start thinking about more long term solutions. It’s become clear that the future for government computing isn’t in local systems but instead in the cloud utilizing tools like Salesforce.

There are a number of factors make it difficult for government offices to migrate from legacy systems. Technologies can become entrenched in the way an organization works. That can make it difficult for staff to willfully make a change even if it’s needed. Additionally, organizations might be concerned about the upfront costs in migrating to a new system. These are all valuable concerns. That’s where cloud-based computing systems like Salesforce come in. Thanks to the stability and flexibility of the cloud governments have a wider variety of options for modifying their infrastructure as the needs of the organization change. It’s not a secret that moving from a legacy system isn’t simple but the beauty of moving to a cloud-based platform like Salesforce is that once you’ve moved over you don’t have to worry local system compatibility anymore. All the computing power and data is on the server side of the equation so local systems largely act as access terminals for the platform.  

One of the biggest concerns for government organizations and agencies when evaluating new technology has to be security. When you’re managing large volumes of private data you need to know it’s safe and secure. Luckily, Salesforce and their partners are extremely concerned about security too so you can feel safe in knowing that your data is safe. Salesforce is invested in ensuring your data is safe so they offer clear and easy to understand tools for protection including, authentication, security audits, and alerts for phishing attempts. They also offer the ability to easily manage who has access to what data and what they can do with it.

The next concern for most government agencies is how they actually make the transition from their current systems to Salesforce. For many, the fear of having to make the transition is a large part of why upgrades never get made in the first place. Data migration can be stressful but partners like Oktana are here to help make it go smoothly. The most important thing to remember is that while it might not be easy at first once the migration is complete and you’re ready to go in Salesforce you don’t have to worry about migrating again. Everything is stored in the cloud and you can access your data from any system you need to without worrying about whether or not new systems with be compatible in the future.

The future of government isn’t in city hall it’s in the cloud. With Salesforce, government agencies can get out from under the thumb of legacy equipment and move forward into the future. It might be intimidating to consider taking the plunge but it’s all for the better in the long run. Don’t worry though because the team here at Oktana is ready to help with everything from migration to implementation. If you’re ready lets talk and see what we can do together.

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