Our customer is a flyby drone technology company that collects livestock information such as temperature (heat/estrus detection/fever), location (latitude/longitude) and identification (ID) of livestock.  The drone tracks the location of livestock with geo-fencing and sends the exact location of lost livestock in hard-to-access and/or heavily vegetated farmland. It also identifies location feeding patterns for more efficient land rotation.  


Our customer’s goal was to address the shortage of rural labor and the increasing cost it takes to maintain farmland and livestock.


Our team of developers built a reader tag that was attached to a drone. The drone would scan the livestock on the farmland, collect tag reads from the ground, and send them to a cloud-based server. The drone sends reads over 2G and stores them in a SIM card. Devices will request tag read data and display the scanned information from the RF signals that are emitted from the livestock tags within the read area. 

Tag Overview

  • 3-year battery life (replaceable)
  • Attachable to ear, neck or ankle
  • Light (25 grams)
  • Durable robust casing


Our customer offers an affordable and effective way to increase the rate of successful insemination. It’s easy to use and maintain, it’s fully functioning in windy conditions and the parts are replaceable and easy to access. It’s also geo fencing programmable and it’s able to scan through dense vegetation and buildings.