BrightPlan is a fintech platform that helps clients manage their investments by accurately matching customers with the financial institutions that suit their financial needs. We worked with BrightPlan to build a platform, from back-end to front-end, to support their business model.

BrightPlan sought a solution that would provide an agile and responsive UI to engage customers and implement their business model effectively. Oktana was brought on to assist BrightPlan in building and developing the entire platform from scratch.

We started with a Heroku pipeline to handle multiple environments. Then we used preview apps for open pull requests and the development, staging, and production environments. We created a Node.js server on Heroku which connected with an API built by BrightPlan. Node.js was also used to establish a security layer and to communicate with Salesforce. A Github integration made the development process simple, and each task created a new branch on Github. We additionally implemented a ReactJS project for the team that lived outside of Salesforce.

At launch, registration functionality was available to users and they were able to create accounts. The main features in the first version where:

  • Goal Creation: Users can create personal financial goals to plan for purchasing real estate, travel, retirement, etc.
  • Account Linking: Users can link external bank accounts to track all finances within BrightPlan.
  • Risk Profiles: BrightPlan determines potential risks in meeting your goals based on simple questionnaires.
  • Recommendations: Based on user goals and current status, BrightPlan informs users if they are on-track, at-risk or off-track and provides recommendations to meet their goals.

These features assist users in redistributing their portfolios based on user risk profiles and market conditions. If they accept the plan and have an existing BrightPlan account (TD Ameritrade), money can be moved automatically to reflect the recommendation.

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