Mosaic is a solar power-focused financial services company based in Oakland, California. When founded in 2010, Mosaic focused on offering loans for commercial solar development projects through a crowdfunding model. In 2014, they shifted their model to focus on financing residential solar projects, leveraging third-party capital, to help homeowners live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. 


Mosaic uses Salesforce and Sales Cloud to help manage their business and sales opportunities. They needed a development partner to help them maintain their Salesforce org and to add new functionality as needed.


Oktana was hired to partner and provide Salesforce development services. Because this is an ongoing engagement, we have worked to implement unique custom solutions to a number of different problems related to integration and additional enhancements to their platform.

One of our largest projects with the Mosaic team, we built an online loan application system that integrates with Salesforce. With this integration, new loan applications are automatically submitted to Salesforce. Not only is all data now stored on a secure server, but the improvement has also saved the Mosaic sales team the trouble of manually updating data when the application is completed. As part of this project, applicants now have the ability to submit documents online, attached to their application. Because of Salesforce storage limitations, we needed to store these additional documents elsewhere so the decision was made to integrate the Salesforce org with AWS for document storage. Documents submitted with applications would be stored on AWS but still associated with the correct account on Salesforce for easy referencing.

Among other optimizations, we’ve made upgrades to Mosaic’s workflows including a Mulesoft integration. Whenever new data is entered into a field within the mobile app, it is copied and a new record is inserted into Salesforce. We also built new automated email workflows to save the sales team time when communicating with customers.


Oktana continues to work with Mosaic on an ongoing basis. We’ve worked on a number of projects and continue to expand our partnership, helping the Mosaic teamwork much more efficiently through the automation of data entry tasks. Now the Mosaic team can focus more on clients and less on filling out forms.

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