Okta is a fast-growing technology company with an emphasis on enterprise security. Its focus is on the development of single sign-on systems for enterprise clients that allow users to log in to a number of services, including Gmail, Salesforce, and Slack with one username and password. They are “the most complete access management platform for your workforce and customers, securing all your critical resources from cloud to ground.” Okta’s recent growth and success led to our partnership, as we assist them in their expansion.


Okta needed a partner to supplement its internal development team to achieve greater bandwidth, higher quality, and faster development cycles. Okta was in the process of completely refactoring their codebase due to their rapid growth and needed help. 


As their partner, Oktana spearheaded Okta’s refactoring process. Oktana initiated improvements and encouraged the adoption of best practice principles that will lower maintenance costs and leverage Salesforce to manage new releases.  Oktana was able to examine the work critically and recognize the challenges as well as the solutions. We used our Salesforce expertise to facilitate the project as smoothly and quickly as possible. One of the important decision-making factors that gravitated Okta to Oktana was the importance of a transparent and honest working relationship. 


Okta has become a long term partner for Oktana. As we completed our work we have taken on new projects with Okta and continue to act as a key part of their development team.

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