Radius provides companies a platform to manage their data and intelligence holistically. Radius offers an enterprise solution for their customers to “streamline revenue operations and elevate a go-to-market strategy.”¬†


The goal was to set up automated processes to be triggered as soon as leads were converted into opportunities, and additionally if opportunities were won or lost.


We worked with Radius to develop automated processes on the Salesforce platform to create new records and better manage existing proprietary data. These processes could be triggered when leads were converted and when opportunities had been won. We also created a renewal opportunity with products and updated sales prices, which could either be manually set up by users or be produced automatically. These opportunities could then be linked so that a particular history of opportunities could be traced.


We continue to work with Radius in creating many customizations for the Salesforce platform, which is written in Apex and viewable in both the Classic and Lightning Experience.

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