Weight Watchers is a US-based company operating in over 30 countries offering various products and services to assist in weight-loss methods for its customers. The core philosophy at Weight Watchers is to use a science-driven approach to help participants lose weight through healthy habits. Weight Watchers representatives support this by promoting programs based on eating smarter and engaging in structured exercise programs.


As a company that is very interactive with its customers, member care is extremely important to Weight Watchers and the company continuously works to improve the member care experience. One important aspect of this experience are the Weight Watchers customer call centers. 

The customer call centers were using outdated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and relied on third parties for voice infrastructure. The team at Weight Watchers wanted to bring these products in-house so they could have complete control of the experience and the power to push new features and processes. This meant building a CRM platform that connected to their work management system.

The company call centers relied heavily on AT&T for phone number provisioning and routing. Additionally, they were using eGain as a CRM and ticket system. Unfortunately, using these platforms presented limitations in terms of retrieving and managing important data. The Weight Watchers team needed a more custom solution to populate granular reports, gain more control on handling cases and track these cases in a timely fashion.


We worked with Weight Watchers to build a custom CRM application using Node.js and Angular2 to improve customer retention. We developed a Node.js application to enhance voice infrastructure, utilizing Twilio for number provisioning, routing, call handling and IVR management. Oktana also worked with Weight Watchers to migrate their previous legacy telephone solution to a VoIP solution.


Oktana launched the voice project to production and has so far garnered amazing results. Weight Watchers has minimized its budget on phone bills and now has instant access to real-time reporting as well as the ability to change any routing plan.

With the CRM launch, hundreds of Weight Watchers agents working in customer call centers now have access to a modern and efficient approach to handling their daily work routines and processes. Additionally, we built a 24/7 expert chat feature, accessible on both Android and iOS operating systems, that allows Weight Watchers customers to receive motivational weight-loss advice and guidance from a certified coach around the clock.

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