Zola is one of the fastest-growing wedding registries in the world. The Zola platform allows couples to register for not only gifts from multiple shops, but also experiences and cash funds all in one place. Recently, Zola expanded into wedding planning with free wedding websites, invitations, and items for the wedding day which has positioned the company as a dominant contender in the wedding industry.


Zola already had an established tech team in charge of the development and maintenance of its web presence and iOS app. However, they needed a Quality Assurance (QA) team to perform extensive tests to predict and prevent potential issues as they planned for growth.


For its web presence, Zola uses Java and Scala on the back-end with an Angular and React front-end. We provided full QA on the Zola platform which included overseeing testing on all web apps and its native mobile apps for Android and iOS. We were in charge of all functional testing, from test case design to execution. We manually tested all-new features, tracking any issues in the early stages of development and, through regression testing, we ensured existing features continued to run smoothly. We also automated much of the testing with Java, Cucumber, Selenium WebDriver and TestNG to enable more efficient releases in the future. These automated tests run on Jenkins.


Since our partnership began, the Zola QA team has grown. This has allowed them to ensure top-notch quality of the existing services as their platform matures and introduces new features to its customers. Oktana continues to assist on QA of Zola’s multiple apps across web and mobile, including monitoring current features and testing new features prior to release.



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