Quality assurance is no afterthought. The majority of our customers represent a long-term partnership and we build with quality assurance in mind from the start, whether a new Salesforce integration or an existing application. 

We can provide a dedicated team to execute testing protocols, or you can integrate our quality assurance engineers into your in-house team.

Test automation saves time and helps to ensure a smooth release, no matter the size, without the overhead of manual testing. We can provide test automation services across several languages, frameworks and platforms. Salesforce test automation requires specific expertise we’re able to provide.


From functional, integration, system or regression tests, we’ve got you covered. We work with your team to define a test plan and design test cases. We execute and collaborate with your team for final acceptance.

Test Automation

Our team brings extensive experience building test automation for apps of all types, including those built on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Testing

Testing custom Salesforce implementations and integrations requires deep knowledge of Salesforce technologies, something we are well-suited to tackle.

Performance Testing

Building scalable apps and global solutions requires performance testing performance, load. In some cases, there are geographic considerations. We can help you plan for and execute these tests, optimizing based on results.


  • Cucumber
  • Jenkins
  • Jest
  • Selenium
  • TestNG

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