So Long Chatter Messenger, Hello Tok

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Earlier this year, Salesforce officially retired its enterprise collaboration platform, Chatter Messenger, which since its incarnation has helped to enhance collaboration and productivity amongst Salesforce users. The most attractive feature of Chatter Messenger was the ability to communicate within Salesforce which made it simpler to interact with colleagues without leaving the Salesforce platform. If you’re an active Salesforce user, you know that Salesforce’s Chatter Messenger definitely streamlined initiatives throughout the daily workflow. This enabled users to follow groups, objects, tasks, and other criteria as well as directly message colleagues to keep current with business initiatives.


Chatter Messenger

Consequentially, the retirement of Chatter Messenger has broadened the landscape for enterprise collaboration and productivity. After Salesforce announced that they’d be retiring the chat applications, we imagined many users might be wondering; are there any products on the market that could continue the legacy? The answer is yes! Our product, Tok, has elevated Chatter Messenger capabilities to provide rapid real-time communication between users so they can stay productive and keep current with all of their tasks on Salesforce.



Tok is the ultimate collaboration tool to bridge the communication gap between colleagues and on the Salesforce platform. It provides users with an easy-to-use messenger interface for desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. In addition, users don’t even need to log into their Org to communicate with their colleagues. Users can simply download the Tok desktop version, sign in directly from their desktop to chat with their coworkers, and share pertinent documents and information with each other. Team members can also send cool and customized messages by adding attachments or files like images, GIFs, videos, and much more.

Tok is also super intuitive where users can drag and drop items from their desktop directly into the platform for simple sharing amongst colleagues and perhaps the best feature about Tok is its ability to store conversations onto Salesforce as well as create leads, opportunities, tasks etc. The TokBot also automates commands to create polls and surveys and share them in Groups on the Tok interface.


If you’re on the search for a collaboration product to continue where Chatter Messenger left off, look no further! Tok is blazing a new trail for team members who want to stay connected and integrated with all of their tasks on the Salesforce platform.


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