Version History

All notables improves we have made to boost your real-time messaging experience. Check this out and see how Tok has evolved in time.

Tok 1.1.25

March 2020


-Refresh session after inactivity.


-Download window in the main menu to see all downloaded files.

-Added some keyboard shorcuts.

-Users are now able to send in app feedback (available for the main menu).

-Added a button in the download bar to show all downloaded files.

-Added in the main menu a link to changelog.


-Change Tok icon.

-New design to About Tok and Preferences windows.

Tok 1.1.21

September 2019


-In-app feedback functionality.


-Push notifications system.


-Avoid multiples reloading in the app.

-Text inputs break after refresh.

Tok 1.1.19

July 2019


-Change Notification Center TokApp name for Tok.

-Improve close button clickable area when downloading files.


-Fixed redirection when clicking in notification (only Windows platform).

-Fixed the clickable area in About Tok to avoid open link inside the window.

-Fixed close button style in the download history when file was removed.

-Clean icon badge for an inactive user.


-Start dictation and Emoji from the Edit menu (only OSX platform).

-Esc event when exiting full screen mode (only OSX platform).

Tok 1.1.18

July 2019


-Tok now supports connections through proxy.

-Add Esc button to close About Tok and Preferences windows.

-Keyboard Shortcuts:
[Command-H]: Hide the windows of the front app.
[Option-Command-H]: To view the front app but hide all other apps.
[Command-M]: Minimize the front window to the Dock.
[Option-Command-M]: To minimize all windows of the front app.
[Command-Comma (,)]: Open preferences for the front app.


-Improve close button clickable area for the download bar and the Tok windows.


-Black screen after dropping a file.

-Add a message when file was deleted from salesforce and the user tries to download it.

-Fix Tok blank page when user change network.

-After a long time of inactivity app keeps loading.

-Avoid download files without internet connection.

Tok (Release 16)

June 2019


-Include changelog option from the main menu.

-Keyboard Shortcut for Select All items.

-Keyboard Shortcut for Cut.


-Improve the showed message when there is no internet connection.

-Resizing “About Tok” and “Preferences” windows accordingly the main window.


-Sometimes the token for receiving notifications is not generated.

-Sometimes spinner is incorrectly showed.

-Fix context menu options available for actions.

-Fix user’s redirection when the Tok package is uninstalled from the organization.

-Avoid creating the “About Tok” windows every time the user selects from the main menu.

-Allow drag and drop function over the “About Tok” window.


-Smart zoom.

Tok 1.185

October 2019


-Send push notifications to users when a mention is added after a post/comment edition.


-Loading improvement of feeds history on My Feed and Groups.

-Users Active/Inactive are now updated in "real time".

-Conversations under the People and Channels sections are now ordered by last activity.


-Emoji suggestions are not displayed behind attached files anymore.

-Ensure the giphy command only works using the correct command.

-Selected country inside the phone's input is now visible.

-Mp4 icon centered inside card's preview.

Tok 1.178

October 2019


-Users are notified when a mention is added after a post/comment edition.

-Notify users while editing a post/comment with previous mentions that they will not be notified unless they are mentioned again.

-Tok is automatic reloading when files failed to be uploaded.


-Improve mention filtering to display only members of private group posts.

-App Icon updated.


-Fix user focus when clicking a push notification.

Tok 1.176

October 2019


-Notifications are sent to firebase and onesignal.


-Improve how to display the audio name and the player style.


-Fixed bug sending notifications to firebase.

-Fixed style bug when posting files in a post.

-Fixed bug for multiple audio playback at the same time.


-Icon to collapse audio player card removed.