We’re Certified Mulesoft & Informatica Developers

We’re proud to announce two new additions to our services: certified Mulesoft integration and certified Informatica integration.

Over the years, our focus has been helping customers integrate their systems with Salesforce, whether through custom methods or integration with third-party services.

Our team of 200+ developers holds over 140 Salesforce certifications, from Platform Developer to Certified Salesforce Admin. However, as anyone familiar with the platform knows, the Salesforce ecosystem stretches far more broadly than these core certifications. With the addition of formal developer certifications to integrate both Mulesoft, a Salesforce company, and Informatica, our ability to help customers integrate with Salesforce only expands.

What’s Mulesoft

Acquired by Salesforce in 2018, Mulesoft essentially enables you to do two things:

  1. Efficiently build and manage APIs
  2. Easily connect existing systems, regardless of the technologies used

From a developer perspective, Mulesoft streamlines the process of integrating various systems, whether that includes new APIs, Salesforce, ERP, or legacy applications.

For the customer, Mulesoft means you can connect all corners of your system, including Salesforce, but it will also reduce production time when developing new APIs. Additionally, with Mulesoft’s Anypoint Security, security and threat protection can be automated at every layer for ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI DSS and GDPR compliance.

We can now provide certified Mulesoft developers to help you build and manage APIs through Mulesoft or more fully integrate with Salesforce through Mulesoft.

What’s Informatica

In the context of Salesforce, Informatica enables data integration.

Informatica can be used to extract, transform, and load data. For example, you can safely connect your database to Salesforce. Founded in 1993, Informatica was well-established by the time Salesforce launched and has continued to innovate alongside its partner, from big data processing to data security.

From a developer perspective, Informatica enables automation of many complicated and resource-heavy data transactions. It allows you to build a data warehouse, whether cloud-based or on-premises.

From a customer perspective, all of the above. Informatica also allows integration between cloud or on-premises applications, services and messaging systems, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

As a leader in the data integration space, Informatica, and worth exploring if you need to connect large volumes of data with Salesforce. Good news, we can provide several certified developers to help with this effort. Learn more about using Informatica to connect to Salesforce.

Get more information about our team here.

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