Boost your Chatter Capabilities

Real-time chat

Tok allows your team to send group or private messages and share files, gifs, and web content with each other in a real-time chat app.

Personalized alerts

Tok provides personalized status and notification alerts to increase team productivity.

Security and compliance

Tok is built on the Salesforce® platform so your team chat is encrypted on a secure platform. All communications are archived in your Salesforce® org to meet your data compliance needs.

Everything you already love about Chatter


Tok is compatible with iOS and Microsoft mobile platforms. 


$1 USD


  • Unlimited channels
  • Unlimited group members
  • Join up 300+ groups
  • 25MB+ attachments
  • 2GB+ file storage

Ready to maximize Chatter?

Other platforms

Built using native Salesforce® components, Tok is fully integrated with Chatter and built by Oktana, a Salesforce Silver Partner.